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Xie-Xie, Aunty!

        This is one of my desperate situation that I had. This wasn't incidence of a long time. In fact this is just happened two weeks ago. So, here we go!

        In Sunday morning, my family already had a plan to go to Jakarta to attend the family event. My mother said that the event is really important so all the members of family must join to Jakarta. But, I can't join it because in that time I had to do lots of homework and also there is a chemical test on Monday. Then, I told my mom that I can't join to that event because I had to do some school works. After I told it to my mom, she was replied, " Alright, if you can't join, you must keep your own house, okay? Because we may go back to Bandung at around 11 at night." Then I was immediately panic at the same time also upset too. I said in my heart like, " What the hell my mom even scare me." Indeed, the fact was I'm afraid hahahaha because I'm the type of person who hasn't dared to be alone at home if at night.

        A few minutes later, I was remembered about my uncle and aunt. With passion, I asked my mom again, "Are Aunt Sari and Uncle Ludwig join to Jakarta too? This is father's family event so theirs don't join it, right?" asked me with overconfident. But, the answer of my mom contrary to me. She replied, "No, no, no! Uncle Ludwig joins our to help drive a car at night because dad can't drive a car at night. Aunt Sari also joins because she must help mom to cook there."

        After heard my mother's replied, I was soooooo sad. I also hesitated to do what. I was thinking hard in that time. If I joined the event, how's my homework and chemical test? But, if I don't join, I wont at home alone until night. I also forced my mother so she didn't go to Jakarta, but my mother still can't changed her decision. At that time, I was crying loudly. My mother was concerned about my situation. She immediately called Aunt Sari to asked for help. Surprisingly, my aunt canceled her departure. I was very happy heard it, although from telephone. I also thanked my aunt because she always knows my situation. I can't imagine what if Aunt Sari didn't cancel her departure. Basically, I'm very very grateful to my aunt.


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