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It's Me!

Hello guys, how do you do?

       Allow me to introduce myself. My complete name is Feny Ayu Cisilia. You can call me Feny or Fabulous Feny. I was born in Bandung on 4 of May 2002. I live at Sekepondok Street No. 16, Bandung. I'm a student of 3 Senior High School in Bandung and now I'm in 10th grade.

     Now, lemme introduce my family first. I have mom, dad, two elder sisters, and one younger brother. My mother's name is Rinda Limbong. She is a police woman. She works at Polsek Padasuka. My father's name is Wardus Tamba. He is a soldier. He works at TNI-AD Disjarahad, in front of my school. So, if I need something, I can easily ask to my father because I just have to cross it. My two elder sister's names are Yeni Amelia Benedika and Nella Evelyn Enjelina. They are already in college. And my younger brother's name is Maryo Yorgi. He is in 9th grade. He is a student of Santa Ursula Junior High School in Bandung. I only differ one year with my brother. So, I'm very close to him.

       If you guys curious about me, I will tell my hobbies now. My hobbies are playing piano and singing because both of activities can calm my mind after study hard at school. These activities also help me to refresh my mind for a moment. Beside that, I also like reading novel. My favourite novel is Divergent because this book is awesome. I have to say I really enjoyed this book way more than I thought I would. The entire book kept me wanted to continue reading wondering what would happen next. I feel like all the hype is totally worth it. The love interest between Tris and Four wasn't overdone. This another reason why I enjoyed this story as well.

        Now, I will explain you about my personality. If I want interact with new people, sometimes I shy because I'm not very confident person. But, I'm a friendly person. If I meet someone I know, I will greet them. But, sometimes I become annoying person. I'm very ignorant to my friends and I'm outspoken person. So, if I don't like my habit of my friend, I will outspoken and tell immediately.
But, don't worry I'm very easy to laugh, things aren't funny too I often laugh hahaha, so my friend always call me "receh" person.

         By the way, I'm very grateful to God because I can continue my study at 3 Senior High School. I'm also proud to be a student of my school because my school is favorite in Bandung. Now, my future plans is three. First, I want ranking of the top 20 generations in 3 Senior High School. Two, when I've done with my study, I want continue my study to FK UI or FKG UNPAD. Last, I want gain confidence to take care an organization in 3 Senior High School such as OSIS or PK.

        Okay guys, that's enough a little story about myself. Hope you enjoy reading my story. Success always for all. Success is an achievement while struggling is a must, so let's fight together to achieve our dream. Au revoir :)


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The event was attended by Ms. West Java Governor Nety Heryawan, Secretary of West Java Education Office, and other high school principals. The event was also enlivened by the performance of SMAN 3 Bandung students, ranging from KPA3, KV3, MK3, and Band3.

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