A Conversation in a Flight

Two strangers sit next to each other in a flight. One of them is anxious about flying.

Nadira : " Are you okay?"
Feny    :   (breathes heavily), " Um...not really, it's my first time flying."
Nadira : " You don't look good, do you need any help?"
Feny    : " No, thanks. I'm okay."
Nadira : " I also have flight anxiety . Here, use this, it can calm you down."
Feny    : " Thank you, I appreciate it."
Nadira : " Do you feel better now?"
Feny    : " Yes, I do."
Nadira : " Are you going for vacation or something else?"
Feny    : " I'm a medical student. My internship is in Papua."
Nadira : " Whoa that's cool. I'm here for vacation."
Feny    : " You must be going to Raja Ampat, is that so?"
Nadira : " Of course! It's a traveller's paradise."
Feny    : " Anyway, we haven't introduce ourselves. I'm Feny. I'm from Jakarta."
Nadira : " I'm Nadira. I'm from Bandung. You must be from UI right?"
Feny    : " Yes, I'm from UI. How about you?"
Nadira : " I'm a design student in ITB."
Feny    : " Oh, you're a student as well! How do you manage travelling? There must be a lot of work                    to do."
Nadira : " Well, as a broke student. I get paid from doing designs. Also, you should buy flight tickets                    a year before. It's way more cheaper."
Feny    : " Good point."


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