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Dialogue Offers and Suggestions

Dialogue about Career Muthia           : “Hello Feny, how are you?” Feny              : “Hi, Muthi. I am not feeling good today.” Muthia           : “What is going on?” Feny               : “I am confused choosing my career. I have a different opinion with my parents.” Muthia           : “May I know what your parents want you to become?” Feny               : “Of course, I’ll tell you. My parents want me to be a doctor but I can’t fulfill their wish because I had a trauma with the hospital.” Muthia           : “Oh my God, I think success in life depends on the right choice of career. You must choose your career properly. Why don’t you choose a career that suits your skill?” Feny               : “I think so. I like drawing and designing something, so I’d rather be an architect than a doctor. But like I said before, I feel bad if I can’t fulfill my parents’ wishes. I’m afraid they are not happy later.” Muthia           : “It’s a good profession.  I think your parents’ happiness not determined fro…
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Pekan Ilmiah


    On May 12th, my school held an event called Pekan Ilmiah and I have just posted a vlog (english assignment). Here's the link of the video :

Announcement Activity


Elements of the Announcement Found/Not Found Details Opening Found “Hello Georgetown” Contents Found The announcement including the content which are the time, date, and the place specification. For a while, the store will move to M. Street, precisely named J. Crew Store because a better new store, Ludlow Suit Shop is being built.

Edu Passion 2018

Hi everyone!
Edu Passion is a routine activity of SMAN 3 Bandung which was previously named lajur misi. This event is held with the intention of providing an overview and choice for students from grades X-XII in terms of continuing education to favorite universities. There are 37 college booths that will explain the advantages of each campus that makes the students more interested about their passion and not confused determine the college majors.
The event was attended by Ms. West Java Governor Nety Heryawan, Secretary of West Java Education Office, and other high school principals. The event was also enlivened by the performance of SMAN 3 Bandung students, ranging from KPA3, KV3, MK3, and Band3.

So, if you curious about the event, let’s check my youtube!